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Outdoors With Dick comments 6/15/2016 10:13:47 PM Share This

Iconic isn't an overstatement.  Original;  Tough;    SHIBUI  (Jap. for:  Complex but Simple).  "The Renaissance Redneck"...  An accomplished, emotive, multi-disciplined artist, looking for the last buffalo to kill.

Kirk has moved on.  Moved on to greener mountain sheep pastures.  Family.  Flying weather. Good wine and cigars.  Superlative weapons.  The hunt.  The finer things in life.  He had an extraordinary run living his dream.  Like everyone, some heartaches; lots of highs and lows, but always in the game.  A survivor to the end.  The wolverine.

Educated to teach and create but blessed with an instinctual "street" savvy about the range of human behaviour.  He brought a rebels passion and indomitable spirit to all that he found challenging and entertaining while surviving repeated life threatening experiences. Charming, disarming;  but seldom unarmed.  Quiet and contemplative or a larger than life force to be reckoned with.  Loyal, generous and really funny.  And I've never met anybody who was funny that wasn't smart. 

In large part, he lived in his own world;  most comfortably in the outdoor world.  He ran with the wolves, migrated with the caribou, headed south with the ducks and geese.  He swam upstream with the salmon and roamed the mountains and tundra like men 10,000 years ago in search of the woolly mammoth.  Primitive but sophisticated.  Tuned into life; Turned on by nature.

Like most of us who are husbands and fathers, he truly loved his girls and did as good as he could at the moment, gave what he had to give.  He remained committed to their welfare and was loyal to the end.

Kirk was a big brother, a mentor, a kindred spirit to me.  He populated my life with insight, color, adventure and a life time of humor and musings.  We chased more than animals together, we shared the rarified air of mountain peaks, tundra to the horizons and the bounty of countless waters.  We saw God in them all and worshipped at the feet Nature with the awe and enthusiasm of pioneers.  We pushed the envelope relentlessly, obsessively.  Being out of our comfort zone was exhilarating, self-affirming, comforting.  He's come to the end of the trail.  But not before wringing out a remarkable record of love and happiness from this tapestry we call life. He had a good run;  and together, we had one hell of a good time. 

Rest in Peace my brother.

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"The Whisperer" Less is Often More

Outdoors With Dick comments 5/14/2014 9:00:35 PM Share This

In the natural outdoor world, Mother Nature seldom overdoes anything.  Sure, there are weather occurrences that seem to humans "over the top" but there's usually a positive, long term result.  Not so much with mankind.  We often figure something out and then just run it into the ground.       

I recently bought a moderately priced, hedge wood goose call that is designed to operate and sound best at mid to low level air